1 Computer To Plate

Computer To Plate

Using Computer To Plate (CTP) and brand new software technology, we ensure each project is executed in high precision to an end result suiting with the initial concept as well as digital data initial idea, before eventually comes out as a printed product.

2 Sheetfed Offset

Sheetfed Offset

To meet the needs of commercial printing which prioritizes quality and color sharpness, we operate Sheetfed Offset machines equipped with CiP3 and Autoregister technology.

3 Web Offset

Web Offset

To respond to great volume printing, we operate Web Offset (Cold Set) printing machines with 546mm, 578mm and 630mm cutoffs.

4 UV Varnish

UV Varnish

Is a feature to beautify as well as to coat printed surfaces to achieve better durability against scratches and water.

5 Folding


The precision paper sheet folding process as required by our binding stage. We operate high precision folding machines only. 

6 Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding

We equip our printing house with high speed Perfect Binding machines with an integrated system which includes the stage of booklet setting, up until the final cutting stage. Such equipment produces quality neat and strong bound books.

7 Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching

Is a solution to specific projects such as booklets, tabloids, brochures, manual books as well as books of small number of pages.

8 Thread Sewing

Thread Sewing

For handling book projects requiring durability and flexibility as the qualities of their end products.

9 Hard Cover

Hard Cover

For customers who wish to display exclusive product finishing, we offer our Hard Cover department which are experienced in producing books with both straight or curvy spines.

9 Hard Cover

Hard Cover

Bagi anda yang ingin menampilkan finishing produk buku eksklusif, kami menawarkan fasilitas Hard Cover yang mampu mengerjakan buku dengan punggung datar maupun lengkung.